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HGcorner.com provides a unique shopping experience by allowing visitors to view and compare prices on hard-to-find home and garden products. While there are thousands of home and garden related products available at your local stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's etc, there is not much selection available when it comes to furniture and hard to find items. Most people tend to settle for less than desirable furniture items because that's the best they can find locally. At HGcorner, we let you browse thousands of top brand products in every imaginable home and garden category to make the most educated decision and save thousands! It is your time to say goodbye to mediocre furniture selection at your local furniture store and shop online!

Furniture shopping is probably one of the most substantial purchases after home and auto but not much help is available when it comes to furniture shopping. Can you believe that people tend to shop around for $5 toy but purchase $5000 bedroom set at face value from their local store!

Hgcorner.com is changing that. We help consumers review inventories directly from manufacturers and wholesale retailers before making a purchase. We also offer valuable insight by allowing consumers to post reviews and share them with others. HGcorner helps consumers save money on their furniture purchases by pairing them directly with wholesale retailers and manufacturers. One of the major cost components in furniture business is expenses related to showroom building, employees and other maintenance services. Online retailers don't have this additional cost since they don't have to maintain brick and mortar stores. This cost saving is directly passed on to customers and that can save you as much as 50%.

Some people are skeptical about shopping big ticket items online due to shipping cost. However, shipping cost is usually offset by saving on sales taxes. In some states, you'll pay as much as 9% in sales taxes. This is a considerable amount of money if you're purchasing furniture that usually cost upwards of $2000. Shipping costs are usually lower than the amount you spend on sales tax and thus making online furniture shopping more attractive. And if for some reason you are not happy with your purchase, returning your furniture is as easy as obtaining a shipping label from UPS/Fedex and making a simple phone call.

Online furniture shopping can also help you find exclusive and rare furniture pieces that are next to impossible to find in your local stores. If you've been compromising on your furniture choices for years because your local stores don't have what you need, HGcorner is the place for you. We have thousands of furniture pieces from all styles and brands to match your taste and fit your budget.

Please feel free to drop us a line (contact@hgcorner.com) if you have any comments or suggestions to improve overall visitor experience on HGcorner.com. We'll appreciate your honest feedback.

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