Beware of the Kids  

The "Beware of the Kids" is a fun garden stone accent piece that pokes fun at the old adage "beware of the dog". This playful piece is sure to bring laughter and smiles whether it is placed indoors or outside!

  • Proudly made in the USA of cast stone.
  • Dimensions: 12.75 x 7.25
  • Weight: 4 lb.
  • Ships via UPS ground in continental USA.
  • Delivery t...



    Kids Tapestry / Playful Sea / 43 x 44  

    These playful sea creatures with these subtle greens and yellows would make a great piece for any childs room. An octopus,sea horse, fish and whale are swimming in a make believe sea....



    Old Fashioned Pump with 2 Kids  

    Delightfully whimsical the Old Fashioned Pump with 2 Kids Fountain is a charming and playful accent for your garden center. The little girl, in her pig tails and summer dress pumps water, as the young boy with sideways hat, watches the water fall as he bathes their puppy. The attention to detail and ornate style, make this fountain a wonderful water featu...



    Dads Shoes Kids Afghan 69 x 48  

    Father and son footprints are the theme for this masculine throw....



    Kids Tapestries / Harbor Icons / 48 x 17  

    A fun collection of nautical icons are collected on this fanciful tapestry....



    Exiting The Ark Kids Tapestry Throw 35 x 54  

    Brightly colored throw of animals exiting the ark....



    Kids Wall Tapestries / Jungle / 47 x 17  

    A fun collection of jungle animals are collected on this fanciful tapestry....



    Kids Tapestries / Nighty Night / 26 x 33  

    This magical art has a precious bundle of joy asleep under the watchful eye of the moon....



    Butterfly Kiss Kids Pillow 8 x 12  

    Juvenile word pillow....



    E x iting The Ark Kids Wall Hanging / 32 x 26  

    Brightly colored wall hanging of animals exiting the ark....



    Little Boy Mini Kids Tapestry Throw 54 x 45  

    Throw complete with all the things that make a little boy's dream....



    Kids Wall Tapestry / Cowboy / 48 x 17  

    A fun collection of cowboy icons are collected on this fanciful tapestry....



    Nine Patch Boy 53 x 53 Kids Tapestry Throw  

    Nine delightful patches of baby boy motifs....



    Hamlet (Pig) Kids Wall Clock  

    Part of Infinity Instruments BIG EYE ANIMALS COLLECTION of Kids wall clocks the Hamlet (Pig) Kids Wall Clock clock is a colorful and fun kids clock that will look great in any child's room....



    Two Kids And Dog Outdoor Water Fountain  

    Two adorable little children and puppy play along side a water feature in the Two Kids and Dog Outdoor Water Fountain. The little boy holds a pail out of which water flows into the delicate hands of the little pigtailed girl.  A little puppy sits by the eisde of the water feature waiting for his turn to play.

    • Measures 12.2 inches Wide x 17.3 inches Deep x 21.9...



    Kids Playing Water Fountain  

    With his baseball cap backwards and his hands cupped below the spigot, the Kids Playing Water Fountain also features an adorable little girl with pigtails.  The Kids Playing Water Fountain will delight you each and every time you see it in your backyard.

    • Measures 13.4 inches Wide x 19.3 inches Deep x 27.1 inches Tall. Weighs 22 lbs.
    • T...



    Old King Cole Kids Tapestry Throw 50 x 54  

    Whimsical nursery rhyme throw of Old King Cole....



    Kids Hanging Tapestry / Flower Power / 44 x 17  

    A fun collection of floral symbols are collected on this fanciful tapestry....



    Balloon Collage Kids Tapestry Throw 70 x 54  

    Whimsical hot air balloons are the focus of this colorful throw....



    Baby Nine Patch 53 x 53 Kids Tapestry Throw  

    Nine patches of baby motifs appropriate for boys or girls....



    Nine Patch Girl 53 x 53 Kids Tapestry Throw  

    Nine delighful patches of baby girl motifs....



    Happy Birthday Kids Tapestry Throw 70 x 53  

    Happy Birthday throw with stuffed animals....



    Little Girl Mini Kids Tapestry Throw 54 x 45  

    Girls and their toys complete this throw....



    Little Boy Blue Kids Decorative Throw Pillow  

    Little Boy Blue has fallen asleep in the hay while his feathered and furry friends look over him on a sunny day....



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